After a near-death experience In 2010, the ritual prayers and meditations I was blessed to experience had such a higher quality than anything I had done before that I began wondering how long I had been going through the motions.

I chronicled my feelings in a collection of 33 poems that I titled Sherbet-i-Ma’rifa (Wine of Gnosis). The first third of the collection presents ritual prayer in a poetic light; the second part explores meditation in everyday life; and the final third explores the perception of reality itself.

If one reads a poem a day from this book the whole course can be completed in about a month. You can also read all of the poems in a single afternoon. But even after such a perusal I think these poems work best as they are sampled one by one during a period where you are praying and contemplating. Sip and savor them rather than chug them.

Thus, Sherbet-i-Ma’rifa is offered with a threefold hope: to sweeten your taste for ritual prayer; to deepen your meditations on The Divine; and to expand your understanding of you.

I truly hope the poems revive a sense of Purpose and Love in your spiritual life.

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Chicago 2016